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Written by admin on November 22, 2016

Social Media & Search Marketing

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The team at Ixia Clinical were keen to acquire new clients directly online rather than from third parties as is traditional in their marketplace. Having noticed their competitors will still stuck in a traditional marketing loop, they were keen to introduce a more modern strategy for winning new business.

We worked with the team at Ixia Clinical to create a plan that was not only achievable and cost effective, but also lightened as much of the burden of maintenance and on-going social media contributions as possible from staff. This makes it is as easy as possible to integrate a new marketing plan into their existing daily routines without too much upheaval.

The first stage of the plan was to develop a simple, but effective web site which is modern and minimal, designed for mobiles first and features clear calls to action for Ixia to build a contacts database via email subscriptions.

This provides an initial platform for the second stage allowing the client to engage with potential customers easily via email and social media. In an industry that is slow to adopt social media practices into their business as standard, Ixia are have stolen a march on their competitors by building a pattern of influence across multiple social media platforms. It’s a simple strategy, but one that works incredibly effectively.