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Aedas RHWL

Written by admin on November 22, 2015

Web Design

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In 2011 RHWL approached us to help out with the development of their uniquely designed site. As award winning architects with offices in Europe and the Middle East, they had a wealth of in-house design experience that they wished to utilise. RHWL described to us their very detailed vision of how the site would look and work and were looking for an agency who would be able to take their initial designs and bring their vision to life as a functioning business critical web site.

The project required extensive Javascript development to enable the hidden tiles to be revealed and load content into overlays on demand. We also needed to ensure that the site was fully optimized for the search engines involving an elaborate process where individual pages that were found in the search engines would open into the overlay structure created, rather than as the flat web page that was indexed.

The site was built on the industry standard WordPress CMS framework not only to make it easy for the client to manage the site themselves on-going, but also so that they are not tied to us for future development work on the site if they wish.

Aedas RHWL