Do your followers actually ‘like’ you for real?


Well, we’ve blogged about it often at Candesco because it’s a subject that’s close to our hearts. And let’s face it in these cut-throat times in business; it’s not going to go away. Far from it.  In fact, despite what some small business owners would like, social media is here to stay.

In the past on our blog we’ve told you how to go about making your social media pages interesting in a bid to attract ‘likes’ on your business page on Facebook and Plus pages and more followers on Twitter.

But let’s take a closer look at that. Why should people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your business page at all?

The main reason they’re coming along for the ride is because you’re saying something or offering advice that is relevant to them… NOT because you’ve put out a tweet asking them to ‘like’ you on FB.  That’s one sure fire way to really annoy people and make sure they do the complete opposite.  In fact they may well completely ‘unfollow’ you from Twitter too.  It’s even, dare we say it, a trifle rude.

No, if you offer quality content and amusing anecdotes, information or news snippets on your business page then you’ll find that your followers may just recommend you to some of their own followers (electronic word-of-mouth if you like) by way of sharing or retweeting etc.

One thing we’d definitely recommend you avoid when signing up for a Facebook business page and Twitter account is using the automated response messages. They’re impersonal and irritating. And again, it’s not very civil to shove in their faces a message for your new follower to sign up for a free user guide or to download some marketing hype when that’s really not the reason they came to your page in the first place. No, chances are that pop-up is going to put them in a bad mood.

It’s ok in an automated response to thank someone for following and maybe directing them to your business blog) but tell them why you’re doing it ie because they’ll find some handy advice there).

Listen to your followers too. If they’re expressing disquiet about a particular area of the sector your business is in then try and find helpful articles relating to it and ‘share’ it with them by linking it to your tweets or Facebook comments. Or, even better, sit down and write a blog post on the subject to help them and other future potential customers.

Also, leave comments on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You could maybe even point them in the direction of someone who could help them. In other words, you’re offering advice without expecting anything in return and in so doing, adding value to their experience ie giving them a reason to come back to your business page and reciprocate by liking your post or sharing your blog.

Get to understand your followers and learn what they need. The last thing you want to do is annoy them by begging for ‘likes’ or followers. That just kind of smacks of desperation. Not a good look to have!

No, isn’t it a nicer feeling to know that your followers are there because they find what you have to say interesting and valuable for them?  Not only will it motivate you to update your social media accounts more regularly, it will inevitably result in increased traffic and more business for you.